Graydient’s applications are scalable to meet the needs of various industries. From small businesses to complex enterprise applications, Graydient’s highly adaptable intelligent solutions for video analytics and SCADA increases safety, security and operational efficiency in industries such as retail, commercial, industrial, manufacturing, distribution and more.


Graydient’s self-learning video analytics make it possible to monitor hundreds and even thousands of cameras across multiple facilities in real-time, rather than forensically reviewing hours of footage after-the-fact. Graydient adapts to accurately recognize and alert on anomalous behavior with few false alerts, allowing security personnel to focus on those specific areas. As the industry’s only true self-learning platform, Graydient adapts automatically to work with new or existing infrastructure without the need for rules or complex programming.


Graydient for SCADA uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence to learn normal behavior patterns across thousands of sensors within SCADA systems and alerts on anomalous activity in real-time. With Graydient, operators gain direct insight into critical situations as they develop and before alarm conditions are met. Graydient for SCADA gives operators a tool to detect precursors to major events and more effectively manage preventative maintenance. Graydient works with existing data networks without requiring changes or new sensor equipment and interprets sensor data without affecting active production systems.

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